Most breastfeeding mothers do not need a breastpump.If breastfeeding is going well and you are not seperated from your infant, there is generally no need for a breastpump.In fact, you already have everything you need to express your milk, your hands! When you need to express milk occasionally, hand expression is the first choice, because it is efficient, requires no equipment, no expenditure and no maintenance. It is an easily and quickly acquired skill. Ask us to teach you this simple technique. Hand expression is actually the most efficient and least wasteful method of expressing colostrum during the early days, when required.

Temporary use of a breast pump could be indicated to relieve engorgement, when breasts are so distended that the baby is unable to latch on, and when you are separated from your baby for short periods on an occasional basis.

Long-term use of a breast pump is recommended when a mother wants to provide breastmilk for her premature or ill infant, until breastfeeding can be initiated or resumed. Long-term milk expression is also indicated when mother and baby are separated for long periods, when the mother returns to work, to increase milk production or induce lactation for an adopted baby. It is important to seek advice from a skilled professional, such as a Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), when you are considering the use of a breast pump or baby weight scale.
MILC is a rental station for breastpumpS and Baby Weigh electronic scales. Breastpump requires a personal pump kit.
Rental pumps and scales are available on a weekly or monthly basis. Pre-payment is required.